Who is saying good things about filepro?

Well, there appear to be a bunch of sites talking about how filePro is the wave of the future, right? Take a closer look. There really aren't all that many. And they all read fairly identically--filepro is incredibly flexible, yada yada.

Many of the sites talking about how great filePro is are single sites run by people who are...SELLING IT. Of course the people who sell a product talk about how great it is. People who sell SCO talk about how it rocks. People who sell Linux do the same. Ask yourself this: What am I selling on this site?

Nothing. I gain nothing from running this website, other than a bit of vanity value. This server, this site, generate no revenue for me whatsoever. I post my opinions, pictures of my family, and technical notes on stuff. Also, I maintain this site because I genuinely believe in the value of freely sharing information. If we all share what we know, imagine what can be accomplished.

So, on one side, you've got a bunch of sales people talking about how great their product is. On the other side, you've got me, saying simply "The Emperor Has No Clothes."

After the little note that fptech sent to my former employer, I suspect that they may have intimidated other dissenting voices into silence.

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